Merry Christmas!!

We would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Morgan Termite & Pest Control! We hope you have a fun and safe Christmas!

-Morgan Termite & Pest Control

There are many different types of spiders in Southern Utah. However, the most common spiders seen in Southern Utah would be Black Widow Spiders, Wolf Spiders, and Camel Spiders (aka Wind Scorpions or Sun Spiders). The weather in Southern Utah is getting a little colder and the spiders are looking for a warm place to stay. Make sure your home is ready for spiders invading by setting up an appointment with Morgan Termite & Pest Control today at (435) 673-9172. Each spider lives differently and needs different things to survive but most spiders don’t like the cold. 

Black Widow Spider: The black widow spiders are the most venomous spiders in North America. The females are the most commonly seen and can be identified by being all black with a red hourglass on the bottom of their abdomen. The females are the most poisonous as well and can be potentially fatal. They are called black widows due to their nasty habit of killing their males after mating though upon rare occasions they don’t eat them but only when they have been well fed beforehand. Male black widow spiders tend to select their mates by determining if the female has eaten already  to avoid being eaten themselves. They are able to tell if the female has fed by sensing chemicals in the web. Their webs are almost always built close to the ground and mostly on block walls. They are only active at night and should be avoided. They are a very skittish and shy spider unless there is an egg sac present.

Wolf Spiders: Wolf Spiders are ambush spiders, they don’t usually build webs and can be found roaming on the sidewalks at night. Wolf Spiders are wanderers without permanent homes. They are often found living in man made locations like, sheds and different outdoor equipment. They aren’t poisonous though and will only bite if handled. They are large brown and grey spiders that are more commonly found throughout the summer. Females carry their young on their backs and can still be active hunters. Wolf spiders are considered the only type of spider to carry their newborn spiders for weeks after they are born until they are big enough to go on their own. Wolf spiders have eight eyes and are considered to have the third best eyesight out of spiders, only beaten by jumping spiders and huntsman spiders. 

Camel Spiders (aka Wind Scorpions or Sun Spiders): Yes we do have camel spiders here in Utah, this spider goes by several names such as camel spider, wind scorpion, sun spider, and even vinegaroon. This spider is highly aggressive and not meant to be trifled with. It is a larger spider and is luckily not venomous, though the bite is highly painful and some people complain of a vinegar taste in their mouths. They are light colored spiders, mostly tan with some brown on the abdomen. Even though they are called spiders and scorpions they aren’t really either of those. They are just similar to those in the way they look and the things they do to survive. This species goes by many different names.

Everyone loves having a great holiday break and spending time with family and friends but did you count on the extra pests coming into your home for the holiday celebrations? No one ever wants extra unwanted guests in their home, especially when you already have guests that you love having in your home. Everyone just wants to have a worry free holiday with their friends and family. Below are 5 ways pest control can make your holidays merrier and keep those unwanted guests away:

  • Keep your Kitchen Clean- The holidays are times where most people spend their time cooking and baking. Always make sure you clean up your kitchen every time after you are done cooking or baking. Pests, mostly ants, can smell the littlest piece of food and come in to find it. Also make sure that you properly seal off all opened food, whether its canned food, bagged food, or your yummy leftovers. 
  • Keep your firewood stacks away from your home- It’s cold outside and a lot of people use this time of year to have fires going inside their homes. Yes, some don’t need wood but others are wood burning fireplaces. If you do use firewood, keep it stored away from your house and try to keep it covered the best you can. Pests like to stay warm and will make their own homes in your stacks of firewood. 
  • No bed bugs- Guests at your home over the holidays can be hard but you love them and always have the best time. However, there are times when you need a break and everyone needs their own beds. Well you don’t want any of those beds to have bed bugs do you? Keep your sheets clean and use regular pest control services to help keep the bed bugs away. 
  • Know where your tree comes from- Decorating a Christmas tree for the holidays is one of the biggest traditions that most people love to do with their families. However, if you don’t know where that tree comes from you could be bringing pests into your home without even knowing. If you don’t know where your tree is coming from make sure to shake the tree out and inspect it for any pests before bringing it into your home. 
  • Use regular pest control services- It can be kind of embarrassing when your guests come over and they keep finding pests around your house. And you don’t want your kids, Christmas Morning, running around chasing roaches or other pests instead of chasing their toys. Everyone just wants to enjoy their holidays with their friends and family and not have to worry about unexpected and unwelcome guests. Call Morgan Pest Control today to schedule services! (435)673-9172


Morgan Termite & Pest Control was first started by H. Ray Morgan. Ray originally worked for Dewey Pest in California before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1948. While running pest control services out of his car, he held a part time job as a chef, Ray gradually built up enough of a clientele to support opening office, and in 1955 the first Morgan Pest Control office opened serving the greater Las Vegas area. 

Ray Morgan’s business grew very rapidly, due to his insistence on maintaining quality service for a reasonable price. So in 1962 Tay was able to open a branch office in St. George, Utah. Getting his entire family involved in maintaining the business helped to keep a strong familial atmosphere and excellent family values. Through all this dedication Morgan is now a leading pest control company throughout Southern Utah and Southern Nevada. 

Upon Ray’s death in 1984 the St. George location, which serves all areas, except the greater Las Vegas area, was passed on to Don Warner. 

In 2005, Don Warner retired and sold his St. George operation to Dave Kipp. Dave has been in the pest control industry since 1991 in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area. After a couple of years he decided to venture out on his own and started Dead Aim Pest Control in 1995. He relocated his family to the St. George area and purchased Morgan Termite & Pest Control in April 2005. His philosophies of great customer service and the best technology in the business will be a continued success in the pest control industry.

In April of 2019 Morgan Termite & Pest Control’s St. George location bought the huge metal spider that was on display in the roundabout on main street. The first time Dave drove by that spider on main street he knew that he had to buy it and bring it down to the office. Well that didn’t happen right away. The days after they took that spider down Dave drove by and noticed that the spider was gone. He thought he had missed his chance to buy it. Well within the next few weeks he had made calls to the city and anyone else he thought would know if the spider had been bought. He came to find out that the city has an artist that puts their art up around the city for a certain amount of time and if it sells while on display the city gets some of the profit. Well the time had come to switch out the spider with something new and the spider was taken down and stored away. Dave finally found the artist and started the process to buy the spider and move it down to the office. 

Even though Morgan bought the spider in April it was stored in our  warehouse until we were able to set it up just under our sign. It was finally set up on May 8, 2019. Dave had finally got the spider down to his office. It is the perfect fit to go with what we do. However, we came up with a problem when people started visiting us. The one question that we always got asked was, “What’s the name of your spider?”. Well, thanks to the people of our town and others that we service in, they came up with names and then everyone voted on their favorite name. We now have a name for the spider. Her name is Dixie Long Legs. We love the name and now we are able to answer that question. 

Due to the dedication, hard work, and customer service values of Morgan Termite & Pest Control has become a major success in Southern Utah. At the helm of this company is Dave Kipp, constantly giving back to the community in the form of donating time and resources to local schools and organizations.

Morgan Termite & Pest Control is the largest pest control company available in the Southern Utah area and serves a majority of both commercial and residential customers. It is the intention, no, the mission of Morgan Termite & Pest Control to continue the growth of this company by adhering to the standards, quality service, and reasonable pricing.