Learning Center – Cockroaches

German Cockroaches: These particular types of roaches are very difficult to get rid of and very problematic especially for kitchens. They have small wings but don’t fly, and are smaller than most roaches. They are a light brown with two black stripes down its thorax. These roaches are found mostly in dark, damp, warm places, the only time you will see them out in daylight is if there is a larger infestation.

Oriental Roaches: also known as water bugs they love cool dark damp areas to live. They travel through sewer pipes. Adult oriental cockroaches are about 1 inch in length and they are such a dark brown as to appear black. A sign of an oriental infestation is a foul smelling odor coming from the generalized area. They like to live under rocks, in water meter boxes, mostly anywhere with moisture that’s dark.

American Roaches:  American Cockroaches are about 1 ½ inches and reddish brown in color. Their habits as well as habitats are very similar to that of the Oriental Cockroach.