Pest Control – 5 Ways It Can make Your Holidays Merrier

Everyone loves having a great holiday break and spending time with family and friends but did you count on the extra pests coming into your home for the holiday celebrations? No one ever wants extra unwanted guests in their home, especially when you already have guests that you love having in your home. Everyone just wants to have a worry free holiday with their friends and family. Below are 5 ways pest control can make your holidays merrier and keep those unwanted guests away:

  • Keep your Kitchen Clean- The holidays are times where most people spend their time cooking and baking. Always make sure you clean up your kitchen every time after you are done cooking or baking. Pests, mostly ants, can smell the littlest piece of food and come in to find it. Also make sure that you properly seal off all opened food, whether its canned food, bagged food, or your yummy leftovers. 
  • Keep your firewood stacks away from your home- It’s cold outside and a lot of people use this time of year to have fires going inside their homes. Yes, some don’t need wood but others are wood burning fireplaces. If you do use firewood, keep it stored away from your house and try to keep it covered the best you can. Pests like to stay warm and will make their own homes in your stacks of firewood. 
  • No bed bugs- Guests at your home over the holidays can be hard but you love them and always have the best time. However, there are times when you need a break and everyone needs their own beds. Well you don’t want any of those beds to have bed bugs do you? Keep your sheets clean and use regular pest control services to help keep the bed bugs away. 
  • Know where your tree comes from- Decorating a Christmas tree for the holidays is one of the biggest traditions that most people love to do with their families. However, if you don’t know where that tree comes from you could be bringing pests into your home without even knowing. If you don’t know where your tree is coming from make sure to shake the tree out and inspect it for any pests before bringing it into your home. 
  • Use regular pest control services- It can be kind of embarrassing when your guests come over and they keep finding pests around your house. And you don’t want your kids, Christmas Morning, running around chasing roaches or other pests instead of chasing their toys. Everyone just wants to enjoy their holidays with their friends and family and not have to worry about unexpected and unwelcome guests. Call Morgan Pest Control today to schedule services! (435)673-9172


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