Pest Proofing

10 Ways to Keep Unexpected Guests Out of Your Home 

One of the BEST  ways to keep pests out is to deny their entry, a procedure known as pest proofing. There are many ways to do this, most are pretty easy to accomplish. Taking these steps before they end up inside can greatly reduce the amount of pests you see inside your home.  Here are just a few steps to deny their entry:

1.Seal & Repair Openings:

Go around the exterior of your home with caulk and search for any cracks or openings that any pests will be able to get through and into your home. Especially look around utility openings, where wires or pipes are coming out of. 

2. Keep a Clean Kitchen:

A lot of the pests that come into your home are looking for food. If you keep your kitchen clean, especially vacuuming up crumbs like once a week, the pests won’t be able to find your food. 

3. Clean up the Yard:

Pests are smart and they know how to use tree branches that are close to a house as a bridge to get onto the house and then to find an opening to get into a house. Keep trash bins and compost heaps covered and away from the house. 

4. Repair Gaps & Tears in Window/Door Screens:

Making sure there are no tears in window or door screens will reduce the amount of flying pests that you see in your home. Some pests can still fit through the mesh and the only way to keep those out is to keep the windows or doors shut. 

5. Install Door Sweeps:

While lying on the floor, check for any sunlight that is coming from under the door. If you can see any you might want to add a door sweep so that the pests can’t crawl through under the door. Inspect the corners also, this is where they will enter the most. 

6. Keep your Pets Food Cleaned up:

Once again most pests are looking for food. Whether you feed your pest outside or inside, make sure that there isn’t a mess left after your pet is done eating. Pet food will attract a lot of pests

7. Store Boxes Off the Floor:

Storing boxes off the floor in your home will prevent pests from getting inside those boxes and making their own home in the stuff that you are storing. Try to store boxes on shelves in your home. 

8. Store Firewood Away from Home:

Some pests like to hide out in the woodpiles and the damp ground that is beneath the wood. Keep firewood stacked on an elevated surface and as far away from the home as possible.

9. Check Attic & Crawl Space Vents:

Normal window screens are not strong enough to keep like squirrels out. To prevent squirrels and other pests, use ¼” hardware cloth on the outside, followed with small mesh screening on the inside. 

10. Call Morgan Pest Control:

After doing all, if not most of these things, call Morgan Pest Control to have one of our trained and licensed technicians come out and spray your house. Either the exterior or interior or both, you just let us know what you would like. 

Pests are certainly not something that people want to live with them, therefore it is important to take the necessary steps to pest proof your home the best you can. Deny the entry of those little pests the best you can. Keep your unexpected guests out and enjoy living in your home.

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