Residential Pest Control

Morgan Pest Control has become a leading provider of St George Utah pest control services. We service Southern Utah, Nevada, and Arizona areas and have detailed our approach to residential service below.

We Customize our Exterminating Service for Each Home

The Southern Utah area is considered a “high pressure” pest location. Because so many pests thrive in this environment year round, we adapt and tailor the service based upon our inspections and information we receive from each customer. With this information we can effectively control the pests we cover under our guarantee by properly customizing the service at each home.

Outside/Inside Approach to Pest Control

Because the majority of all pest infestations begin outside, Morgan Pest Control services are designed to initially flush pests out of their hiding places and then maintain an ongoing exterior barrier that will reduce the number of pests that enter your home. Our initial treatment is a full outside, inside and garage treatment. This treatment is designed to get pests out of the home. Once they are out of the home, our regular treatments focus primarily on the exterior where the great majority of pests live, nest and breed.

Morgan Pest Control Services are Fully Guaranteed

A customer may have unexpected increases in pest activity. If there is an influx of pest activity inside the home, we will provide inside treatments as needed or as they are requested by a customer at no additional charge. All Morgan Termite and Pest Control services are fully guaranteed. If additional service is needed between regularly scheduled treatments, we will return to re-service the home at no additional charge.